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From Field to Glass since 2007.

In 2007, John and Catherine Windsor grew DEVINE from a strong love of wine, community, and Vancouver Island. Along with a dedicated team of friends and family and 25 acres of overgrown farmland, a vineyard was planted.

We are a true small-batch, craft distillery creating handcrafted spirits of the highest quality from BC grown ingredients.

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A century and a half ago, the Saanich Peninsula was the breadbasket of Vancouver Island, supplying the boomtown of Fort Victoria with everything from fresh milk, to spring lambs, and elderberry wine.

Our winemakers and distillers Ken Winchester and Kevin Titcomb, lovingly watch over the vintage German copper pot still, Brünhilde. Ken is considered a pioneer of the craft spirits movement in Canada and greatly shares in our vision and mission of a field to glass offering.

Vodka created from strawberries, gin crafted from wine grapes, rum distilled from honey, and whisky from island-grown malted barley.

Much has changed since we planted our vines in 2007 but the important parts remain: DEVINE is still family-owned and operated by the Windsor family and one can almost always catch a glimpse of our original vineyard manager, John Thomas, roaming the grounds or tending to our vines.

The DEVINE family grows and evolves with each passing season but always with the same unwavering passion of celebrating the land, cherishing community, and enjoying good food and drink with the people we love. We hope you’ll join us at the place we call home. After all, life is DEVINE!

Every sip has a story; taste the Peninsula in every glass.

A popular and often misunderstood term in the wine world, terroir is best described as the “somewhereness”. At DEVINE, we believe the terroir is what sets a spirit apart as well. By using locally and sustainably sourced ingredients in all our products (oftentimes growing them ourselves), we are able to create offerings unlike any other. Taste the peninsula in the malted barley grown just five minutes away from the distillery, touch the botanicals that we grow and use in our Vermouth’s, or gaze at the vines that grew the gin in your martini.

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Vineyard, Orchard, Field & Hive.

Our philosophy for creating the finest of craft spirits. When it comes to our process, you’ll hear us say: “We do it the hard way”. Our award-winning gins are tenderly crafted using Vancouver Island wine grapes or Saanich Peninsula-grown grain and infused traditionally during distillation with whole botanicals either grown by us or sourced locally and sustainably.

one of few certified craft distilleries In the heart of the peninsula.

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Our estate-grown vineyard is certified organic and has been farmed without pesticides or sprays since day 1.

The Honey Shine trio is unique as all three rums are made from 100% BC honey. While we do raise bees on our farm we have partnered with the good folks at The Honeybee Centre in Cloverdale to provide us with the divinely delicious wild-gathered clover honey to keep us in compliance with our ‘true craft’ standards.

Both our vermouths are made in traditional European styles and are crafted from a base of our wine, fortified with our own craft spirit, and aromatized on whole botanicals in our distillery before being lightly filtered and bottled by hand.

What does it mean to be True Craft?

  • Only BC grains, fruit, and produce
  • Only on-site fermentation and distillation using traditional methods
  • No additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours
  • No neutral grain spirit (bulk alcohol produced by industrial distilleries)

From field to flask; made by hand every step of the way.

Our acclaimed whiskies are milled, mashed, fermented, and distilled at our distillery and are made solely from BC-grown grains. Glen Saanich is made exclusively from Saanich Peninsula grown barley.

Taste our spirits
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    6181B Old West Saanich Rd, Saanichton, BC V8M 1W8, Canada

    +1 250-665-6983


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